Monday, March 10, 2014

Coach Real talks about REAL HIP HOP with Boom Bap Universe

Ask Five on Black Vibes:  Coach Real

How is the weather in New York after you heated things up with your new singles?
Coach Real:  Streets have been on fire between the control response and snakes freestyle the hood been behind me the whole way.

Who have you been working with lately?
Coach Real:  I recently sent a beat to Murcialago the boss of Frat House and I'm about to colab with the queen of South Jersey MISS AYEE, and me and my fam CX were about to put something together.

For those that have yet to hear you, who would you compare your style and flow to as an artist?
Coach Real:  My flow a lot of people say I sound like a combination of Big Pun, Nas, Hov and B.I.G. as far as style goes I'm beyond unique I have literally flipped every kind of genre from hip hop to country so style wise Coach Real is a new experience.

Who are your top 5 emcees of all time?
Coach Real: 1. Rakim 2. Big Pun 3. Jay-Z 4. Nas 5. Biggie Smalls

Are there any emcees out there that you feel have potential to be in the top five eventually?
Coach Real:  I know CX, Murcialago, ldj, Coach Real, Ever Supreme, Miss Ayee, Fred Da Godson, Jadakiss, Styles P, Joel Ortiz, Drake I think all those people have the current potential of being top 5 dead or alive.

Who have you been compared to?
Coach Real:  The majority of comparisons I have heard is Jay-Z and Big Pun.  They say I can do the back to back word play and attack the track like Pun but at the same time they say my delivery and approach resemble Hov so Either way its a honor to even be compared to two of the greats in hip hop history and especially there from New York so that's an honor to me.

What are some of your influences outside of Hip Hop?
Coach Real:  I would say Soul Mand the Usic or just great musicians in general like Luther Vandross, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Shania Twain, Lionel Richie, Jimmy Hendrix, Break Science, Miles Davis, Sam Cook, Earth Wind and Fire, Motzart, Bethoven, 80s pop music, 80 house n club music, Beetles, Eric Clapton, John Lenon and reading a lot about history I believe the more you know about who you are and where your from the more you know where your going and I listen to such a wide variety of music from so many different era's and places that my head is filled with music all day everyday and I truly believe if given the chance I can create another thriller where every record is a single on billboard top 10 and there is motion picture type videos to company the music.

How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?
Coach Real:  On a main stream level hip hop doesn't exist anymore.  All of this strip club driven slow bop boogie bullshit the radio is playing isn't hip hop its DEMOGRAPHIC RAP MUSIC which means they being the label the machine pick a certain sound and deem that the new sound and ever since the internet wave drifted to the south this has been the outcome not saying the south doesn't have hot artists cause they do its just every single song and record that comes out resembles the last record that came out that slow bounce rap isn't where its at just cause it sells doesn't make it good music.  If you look at the music game period right now everyone is scrambling for whatever they can hold on to in order to stay relevant which in turn results in a lot of copy cat music if one person does a certain type of record everybody tries to copy that person and the music game especially rap/hip hop isn't being handled correctly because the talent is out there but the local dj's and radio stations aren't supporting local talent anymore they only support whats so called hot at the moment and no music genre works that way when you look at hip hops longevity has been minimized to a single now where you do a hot single and only last as long as the record does then its on to the next and that's crazy to me especially when you got groups like Wu tang that's been here since 1992 and still touring to this day so explain how in today a rapper that was hot in the summer doesn't make it threw the winter.  These artists aren't serious.  They don't work on their craft day in day out.  You got dudes like Trinidad James that worked at the waffle house before he got a deal.  He wasn't a rapper he created just like 90 percent of the music and the artist that have and are coming out.  The way the game is now you cant even pick your top 10 favorite rappers cause more than half of that list doesn't make it from one year to the next to the point that rappers are like milk now they come with a expiration date.  The game is lacking creativity and craftsmanship and professionalism.  I want to leave my mark on the game and be able to say I did it my way and I helped the next wave.  These dudes now are just about the fame not even money cause their not getting paid. They don't own there publishing, they're not getting royalties, they get some dummy money upfront and of course the artist blow that and are left in the negative and still have to recoup their whole budget so there in a loose loose situation because the major labels that actually still do invest in rap music are only offering 360 deals which means the label owns everything you do music or not and you become there slave literally or because of the power of the internet and social media you can go independent but here is the thing about going independent now you are the label now you are your own distribution company now you have to fund your album you have to provide the money for all of your budgets recording videos promotion travelling so that requires investment capital either by you or you and a investor but what a lot of people forget is this if being a recording artist is what you really want to do than you have to do that like a job if not more than a job you cant work a nine to five and be a part time recording artist it wont work you have to find the best way to put all your time money and energy into being a recording artist if you can.

Do you ever see that Golden Era Boom Bap sound returning to hip hop in a major way?
Coach Real:  I don't feel that the boom bap is the golden era its the original platform that hip hop was built on and from what I have been hearing a lot of New York artists like Fab, Troy Ave, Fred the God Son, Maino and the Mafia, The Lox and myself are pushing that format and bringing it to another level.

Who are some of your favorite Boom Bap Beatmakers?
Coach Real:  Primo, Lord Finesse, Q Tip, Pete Rock, Havoc, The Rza.

We are taking a survey.... who do you prefer, DJ Premier or Pete Rock?
Coach Real:  Pete Rock

What advice would you give other lyricists trying to come up?
Coach Real:  Work on your craft, strive to be the best mc lyricist that you can be and stay original stick to who you are and write about you don't rap like or try to sound like the next man the more artist that bring there own style the more fans you bring to the culture.

Do you have any shout outs?
Coach Real:  Shout out to my whole team Gorilla Gang Sleeper Cell Ent, Darren Murray, Mr. Farr, J Chords, Bobet, Dee and all my fans and people that supported me and that continue to support Coach Real.

Is there anything else you would like the readers to know about you?
Coach Real:  If you want me for any shows or features please contact me at