Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Single: Abiss "Point and Shoot"

The new single from Abiss the Lyricist "Point and Shoot" is a certified Boom Bap Banger!  Abiss is murdering fake emcees that like to make subliminal disses in tracks and encouraging others that make sneak attacks to just "come out with it" and say their names and be direct!  She is spitting over a dark and well orchestrated violin laced track to add more of a drama effect to her words, blended with those classic boom bap drums!  Check out the single for yourself here at this direct link

If you have any feedback or questions, or would like more information on this rising emcee then contact "Jay" at

Return of The Boom Bap UNIVERSE

Boom Bap Universe RETURNS with all new articles, posts and music!  We wont let our fans and viewers down so we are coming back with full force to keep the spirit of that traditional, golden era hip hop and Boom Bap alive!  

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